World’s youngest Microsoft Technology Specialist – Pranav Kalyan, 9 year old

Pranav Kalyan, 9 year old of US has become the World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in ASP .NET


At the age of playing with toys, he was interested in computers. He started writing computer programmes  when he was only six year old. Kalyan Kumar, Pravan’s father (works at Bank of America in Los Angeles) motivated him to go for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) to increase his skills in programming.

Pranav Kalyan of indian origin is a fourth grade student and he wants to be a scientist. He is inspired from Manivannan, an engineer at SAGE, USA. He introduced him to the world of computers at an early age of three.

When Pranav was seven, he participated in national-level Math Bee competition conducted by North South Foundation, USA. He had also win interschool chess championships twice in a row.