How to De-index WordPress Categories and Tags From Google using Webmaster Tools

If you are facing a problem that Tags and Categories of your WordPress blog are getting indexed, despite of having noindex on Tags and categories pages. There is no need to worry about this problem. This is one of the common indexing issue where Google indexes few pages from your blog and despite of adding noindex tag, such pages are part of Google. This is normal and as soon as Google will re-crawl your site, it will respect the noindex tag and will de-index such part of your Blog. This may take some time but here are few things which you can do to speed up the process.


Make sure your Robots.txt is not blocking access to tags and categories pages because if few of your pages are already indexed in Google and you have added noindex tag and also stopped crawling of that part of your site, Google may not re-crawl particular section of your site and will never see noindex tag. Robots.txt exclusion is useful for parts like Wp-admin and Wp-content. It is not good to block the pages like tags and categories using robots.txt because it hamper the crawling of your deeper page. The best way to stop indexing is adding noindex tag, which you can easily do by using WordPress SEO by yoast or meta robots plugin.

You can check what pages of your sites are indexed in Google by typing in Google search.
Usually our tags and categories pages are seen as directory from search point of view. For example:
We should use the directory removal option to remove the complete directory in one go.

Steps to De-index WordPress Categories and Tags From Google using Webmaster Tools

  • Login to Google Webmaster tool
  • Site dashboard > Optimization > Remove URL’s
  • Add and and select Remove directory option.
  • Hit submit request, all categories and tag pages will be out of Google index within 24-48 hours of removal request.


Note: Make sure you use the noindex option for tags and categories pages in WordPress SEO by yoast or Meta robots plugin so that it never get indexed again.

I hope this solution will help you! feel free to share this post and help others too 🙂