Apps to Block Incoming Calls (Phone Number) in Android & iPhone

(Review) Blocking Incoming Calls using Application

Mobile technology is one of the fastest and best methods to stay connected with your loving beings. Though this technology is awesome, but some naughty nerds keep making prank calls. They just pick up any random number and keep calling on that.

So today, we are going to post about top 5 Apps to Block Incoming Calls in Android as well as iPhone, these applications basically blocks Phone Number only.

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You might be having one or more friends in your friend’s network which keep disturbing you by calling you from strange numbers.

Block Incoming Calls in Android and iPhone

Well, this is indeed any irritating thing that can happen with anyone. But if you have Android or iPhone device, then you must be pleased to know that there are many apps that can help you blocking incoming calls/phone numbers.

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Though you can do the task by going to settings section of your Android/iPhone, but it is better to use apps for convenience. Here is the list of apps that enable you block incoming calls on your Android and iPhone.

How to Block Phone Number in Android

Apps for Android to Block Incoming Calls

Mr. Number-Block calls, texts

The app is free to download, and has received average rating of 4.5 stars so far. This is one of the best apps available for Android. You can block any mobile/landline no. with this app.

You can even block an area code to block all incoming calls coming from there. You reverse look up the mobile/landline no. to track location. You can report any mobile number as spam by using this app. Most recommended to block incoming calls on Android.


Call Control – Call Blocker

Another popular app to block incoming calls on Android. You can block any mobile no. to stop the incoming calls and texts from it on your Android device.

The community blacklist in this app blocks the telemarketers. You can block any area code, and can do the reverse lookup of any mobile number.

Call Blocker

Block calls, SMS, report the mobile numbers, and lots of other things to have a peaceful life with your Android. Apart from incoming call blocking related features, you can use this app to backup your contacts on the server. The app is completely free to use, and is good to opt for.


Apps for iPhone to Block Incoming Calls

Call Manager App

Complete call manager for your iPhone. You can block anonymous incoming calls, can send any contact to blacklist, can reverse lookup the mobile number etc.

You can also select and allow only a certain contacts from your contact list to call you while you are traveling outside, or are in an important meeting. Its my favorite Incoming Calls Blocking App for iPhone, its most recommended one to blacklist any phone number.


This app is not available in the iTunes, but only in the official website. Your iPhone should be jail-broken in order to use this app. You can block incoming call from any particular mobile number or area code.

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You can even block the SMSes coming from any particular mobile number. Apart from that, you can set the auto reply to incoming calls/SMSes.

So it was the list of best apps to block incoming calls on your Android and iPhone. Try them out right away and if you faced any problem while blocking phone number in your mobile phone then please do comment and let us know, we will help you out with this. Also till that time consider seeing other posts at Techzune.

Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Best Applications for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Review)

Galaxy s4 is recently announced and it will be available soon for the android users. Till now it is the best smartphone but not due of its design or OS but because of its eight core super speedy processor and lots of unique smart applications.Today, we have listed out some of the best available Free Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

Samsung will definitely pack it with lots of pre-loaded apps but still you need to install third party apps that you can download from the GooglePlay store.

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List of Free Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile

Applock Master

This app is compatible with almost every android device and it’ll be one of the top apps for Galaxy S4 as well. I’ll tell you why here.

After buying the device everyone who is your friend or relative will ask you to have a look at the smartphone and they’ll be able to get access to your personal data. This is one of the best available and top most Application for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile

Here is the list of Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 which you might like to download

But with this app you can lock down any app that you want to and then no one will able to unlock or access those apps. You can easily lock down messages, call logs and contacts or any other app you wish to.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

A pretty good looking game from the official Rockstar developers that is available for the Galaxy S4 as well. The full HD resolution of the Galaxy S4 will make this game look awesome.

One of the Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Application to Download

The game play is all same as you’ve enjoyed in the PC version but the graphics are little different.

Grand Theft Auto III

Another game from the same Rockstar developers but game play and graphics are different in fact better than the Vice City.


You must try out this game on your new Galaxy S4 as the processor is highly capable of running such big size games.

HD Widgets

It’s an amazing app that provides lots of high definition widgets that will change the look of your device completely and when it comes to the Full HD display of Galaxy S4, this app is really worth.


All the widgets that you require at the home screen are provided with this app and all are of HD quality.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

It’s a number one first person shooting game due to its graphics, audio and the game play quality. You’ll be in between of lots of missions and you need to save yourself and complete missions.


The game is developed by Gameloft developers and the only thing I can tell you about this game is give it a try if you really like playing fighting or shooting games.

Quipper Quiz

If you really like solving puzzles and answering quizzes and think yourself a genius the try this app. It is developed for every such genius.

The graphics are really awesome and the full HD resolution of Galaxy S4 will be the best device to use this app.

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO


You’ll requirean app that will look at the security of your new Galaxy S4 and I’ll recommend the Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO app. It’ll cover all the security holes of your device and will protect it like a pro.



Love playing Fifa? Then you must try this app on your new Galaxy S4. The graphics and other performance factors are really strong of this app as it is developed by the official EA developers.

T-Mobile TV with Mobile HD


You can use this free app to watch TV serials, movies and live TV and that too in HD quality. You can subscribe to any pro channel you want to watch within this app.

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So folks, I hope you enjoyed these list of Top 10 Free Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile and if you need any type of assistance then please do comment and let me know, we will solve it as soon as possible.

How-To Root HTC Wildfire S Easily?

Today, we will provide you guide or tutorial on How to root HTC Wildfire S. It is one of the best smartphones by company. It has been a long time that this smartphone made debut.

Though the hardware features are good to make it stand with the smartphones of present. But the software, the Android version has gone very old and we need to root HTC Wildfire S Android Smartphone.

If you own this smartphone, then you don’t need to panic, as rooting is solution of old version of Android in your HTC Wildfire S.

Root HTC Wildfire S
Easy guide on rooting your HTC Wildfire S Smartphone

Why to Root HTC Wildfire S ?

Rooting is required to install custom ROM on your Android device. It gives you the hidden powers, and thus allows you to use your Android device without any limit.

Rooting is simple task, but only then, if you learn it from an easy-to-understand tutorial. Check out the simple tutorial on rooting your HTC Wildfire S.


If you have done rooting on any Android device ever before, then you might be familiar with the risks involved in it. The process may lead to damage of your Android device, and data wipe up. Try the process at your own risk. Don’t blame us for any unpleasant happening.

Prerequisites to Root HTC Wildfire S :

  • Your HTC Wildfire S’s battery must be charged to at least 60 percent.
  • Back up of data is an important and wise step to do, before starting the rooting process.
  • Make sure the bootloader of your HTC Wildfire S is unlocked. If it is not, then you need to do it. This is simple to do. Check out the process for this here.
  • USB Debugging Mode must be enabled for the process. You can enable it by going to the Settings section of your HTC Wildfire S. Then Applications>Development, and these check the box that reads ‘Enable USB Debugging Mode’.


How to Root HTC Wildfire S Easily (Step-By-Step Guide)

  • Download a file named Download it from this link.
  • You also need to download Root Script. Download it from this link.
  • Use the USB cable to connect your HTC Wildfire S with your PC/Laptop. Now transfer both these downloaded files from there to SD card of your HTC Wildfire S before rooting.
  • Restart your HTC Wildfire S in HBoot Mode. Press the Volume and Power buttons till you see the HBoot Screen.
  • A message of Apply Update will be popped up soon. When it happens, press the Volume Up key.
  • The update will get started, and once it is done, press the Power button to restart your device.
  • The use of the file downloaded first is done. Now only second file, the only is important for us.
  • Again restart your HTC Wildfire S to HBoot Mode. Yeah, by the same procedure.
  • Volume Keys are used to navigate through the options in HBoot screen. Navigate to option Enter into Recovery Mode.
  • Navigate to Install Zip from SD card. There, select the option Zip file from the SD card. Here you need to locate the file that you downloaded in the second step. The file.
  • Confirm the file by tapping ‘Yes‘. The rooting process of your mobile will get initiated. Just wait for few minutes.
  • Your HTC Wildfire S will restart once the rooting is done.


Your HTC Wildfire S has been rooted successfully. If you have faced any type of problem while rooting HTC Wildfire S then please do comment and let us know the issues, we will get to you soon. Till that time please do share this article as well as check out other posts on our blog. Good Bye!