How to create html file – Hello world html code file

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is used to display web pages and other information on the web browser. HTML is written in the form of HTML elements. HTML elements are consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets “<” “>”. Every element in HTML starts with a starting tag and close with a closing tag however it is not necessary that every tag needs a closing tag, for example:- Image Tag does not need closing tag. The task of web browser is to read HTML documents and compose them into visible webpage, it does not display the HTML tags but uses the tags to interpret the content. HTML are the building blocks of all websites. HTML allow us to include images and objects into webpages to make attractive website. The extension of HTML document is either “.html” or “.htm”, so whenever you create a HTML document you’ll need to save the document with either of these extensions.


Below is Hello world html code and steps to create a html file:

<TITLE>Hello World!</TITLE>
Hello World!

STEP 1: You just need to copy this code, paste it into text editor like notepad.
STEP 2:save as” with the name you want like “hello_world.html” to your desired location in your system.
STEP 3: Now just double click on the file and you will see “Hello World!” in the browser.

How to fix or repair Microsoft .NET Framework?

Microsoft .NET Framework is a set of libraries provided by Microsoft to schedule and run native applications on Windows.

The Microsoft has developed a framework that assists developer to work in a much preferred environment. The Micrsoft’s .NET framework accommodates in better development of application and it is provided with a Microsoft windows system.


But there is problem in .NET framework that it easily gets corrupted, slowly and steadily the .NET framework stops working. The .NET framework does not get corrupted because of external virus, it happens because there is a windows bug that comes with windows updates and slowly eats away the .NET framework.

Why .NET gets corrupted?

More and more programs use Microsoft. NET Framework and Windows Update requires you to install the latest version. However, occasionally you may encounter problems when installing, updating or re-installing. Microsoft provides an official solution in the form of Microsoft. NET Framework Repair Tool, which analyzes the problem and solves it.

Here are few steps that would not just secure the .NET framework but moreover assist you in making better applications continuously.

Instructions to fix/repair an existing (Installed) .NET Framework :

1. First of all, You’ll need to know which version you are having in your system. You can know this by opening control panel and then add/remove programs. Most likely it might be one of the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5.

2. Now, its time to start repairing work, this step is really important. Try to obtain the original installation source and simply reinstall it. Source might be a CD , DVD or pendrive.

3. Now, go to the “Run” in the Start menu and post the given command

H:dotnetframeworkdotnetfx.exe /t:c:temp /c:”msiexec.exe /i c:tempnetfx.msi REINSTALL=ALL ReinstallMODE=vomus”

and click OK.

4. Don’t forget to replace the *H:dotnetframeworkdotnetfx.exe* with the original path of source file in your system. Also, create a “C:temp” folder if you don’t have one.

Moreover, there is a windows tool that could be downloaded freely from the windows website and that has truly easier and automated technique for correcting and repairing the .NET Framework. The tool follows a simple four step method:


  1. It attempts to troubleshoot the problem.
  2. It applies the fixes in spite of the fact that the fixes are connected just after fitting client consent.
  3. It attempts to repair the harmed and broken .NET framework
  4. When all of its work is done, it essentially gathers client’s log for future reference and moreover for academic research. However this is in addition done by legitimate client consent.

Microsoft .Net Framework Repair Tool free downloadclick here

One noticeable thing is that this tool is only for newer version of .NET system. For the older versions you’ll need to follow the above stated manual method.

Blogging Pays Enough to Sustain Your Life

These days, Blogging is not an unknown term anymore. It has been accepted by many peoples across the world. I get to know this term throughout my school days and now it is a part of my life, it has changed my life and my way of living. I am getting enough pay to sustain my life with it. Individuals regularly ask me how much I earn through my blogs and how many blogs I own? Well I am not gonna uncover my income here however whatever I gain is all enough for me to satisfy my dreams and I dream a lot.

I know many bloggers who left their day by day 9 to 5 work for blogging and now creating more money than their regular job. It made my life, I never expected before that my life would be that much interesting and beautiful. A person with regular job earns only when he works but we earns even while sleeping.


It could be an excellent profession for you if you do this work with passion, but before starting you must know some facts about blogging.

  • Blogging is not one night work.
  • Result will not always be in your favor.
  • Every single step you take must be planned as a single mistake can ruin your blogging career.
  • You need to be active on your blog, solving queries of your reader is important.
  • Never loose your hope, sometimes even after working so hard on the blog you may not achieve success but wait for your day to come.

Blogging attracts newbie bloggers and they engaged in this world, some makes it source of their income without any challenges while some surrender very early. ou should always start blogging as a part-time job and when you satisfied with its paying, you must make it your full-time job.

The only thing you need to become a professional blogger is a creative mind and basic internet knowledge, no matters who you are: student, housewife or a mature person.

Start a blog and add interesting, unique and useful contents into your blog. At the point when your blog start receiving enough traffic you can monetize your blog with AdSense or any other ad network. You can also start publishing paid posts according to your blog’s niche. If you will follow these 5 tips you will definitely get your blog on the top.

  1. Make your blog a source of incredible content.
  2. Be active for your visitors, help them.
  3. Make your article interesting.
  4. Don’t over monetize your homepage and post pages, advertisement disturbs visitors.
  5. Update your blog on regular basis with latest trends and keep keyword density between 1% to 2% inside your articles.

At beginning do not expect so much from your blog as it requires significant time of at least 3 months to show positive result of you hard work. The final thing you should take care is exploring different avenues regarding your blog continuously. If you blog smartly, most likely it might be the source of your livelihood and will pay you enough to continue with you life.

Best of luck, Happy Blogging! 🙂