Flexible battery Breakthrough Could Yield Flexible Electronic Devices

A new material had been invented in Korea, the material is to be used in the manufacture of flexible lithium-ion batteries. This technology can be used to build flexible electronic devices, might be in the development of flexible mobile phones or tablets in future.


Traditional batteries are made up of solid material containing liquid electrolyte in it. The new approach replaces liquid electrolytes with a “fluid-like” but solid polymer electrolytes so there is no need for a solid case.

According to the Korea Joongang Daily, this technology might be a good innovation as these batteries are more stable than traditional batteries. There was always a risk of explosion in traditional batteries. Manufacturing of batteries will be easy with this technology.

Professor Lee Sang-young, the team leader of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, will publish its findings in the the journal Advanced Materials this year.

With these kind of innovation, the day in not far when we’ll able to carry personal TV in our pocket 🙂