Free calling feature launched by Facebook for iPhone users in US


In the beginning of january, Facebook started testing free calling for iPhone users in US via WI-FI and cellular data. The test went well, a new free calling button is now added to the iPhone app. The free calling button started appearing in all the iPhones which are present in US, it doesn’t require any kind update through the App Store. To make a free call to another iPhone user, you just need to open a conversation, tap the “i” button in the top right corner and tap free call.


It’s a huge step for Facebook because with this single feature it may become one of the largest communities of VoIP users in the world. Effectively, Facebook is trying to go one level above being an iMessage or SMS challenger by introducing free calling over data connection and Wi-Fi, to challenge even mobile carriers now. Since the free calling feature extends to the iOS family, users who have even an iPod Touch will now be able to make calls using a Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook already had a partnership with Skype since summer 2011, for free video calling inside Facebook’s website, but this can only available to computer, laptop and tablet users.

There is no information from Facebook about an international rollout.

World’s youngest Microsoft Technology Specialist – Pranav Kalyan, 9 year old

Pranav Kalyan, 9 year old of US has become the World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in ASP .NET


At the age of playing with toys, he was interested in computers. He started writing computer programmes  when he was only six year old. Kalyan Kumar, Pravan’s father (works at Bank of America in Los Angeles) motivated him to go for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) to increase his skills in programming.

Pranav Kalyan of indian origin is a fourth grade student and he wants to be a scientist. He is inspired from Manivannan, an engineer at SAGE, USA. He introduced him to the world of computers at an early age of three.

When Pranav was seven, he participated in national-level Math Bee competition conducted by North South Foundation, USA. He had also win interschool chess championships twice in a row.

Microsoft Xbox 360 best-selling gaming console for straight two years

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is best gaming console. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 entertainment and gaming console held the title of being the best-selling console in the United States for stright two years (24 consecutive months) according to the NPD Group. In fact, Microsoft sold 1.4 million Xbox 360 consoles in just the month of December 2012, further proving the company’s dominant position in the gaming world.


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 generated more than $1.27 billion dollars in retail spending, which includes games, consoles, and accessories just for the month of December. Microsoft expects 2013 to be another big year for their current console, and has more offerings planned for it later this year. This also may be the year that the company unveils a new brand-new console at E3 2013, but that’s certainly still up in the air at this point.


The Xbox 360 even held seven of the top ten console game titles such as “Halo 4”, “Assassin’s Creed III”, “Just Dance 4”, “NBA 2K13”, “Far Cry 3”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” and “Madden NFL 13” were all popular titles on the Xbox console, for the month of December.

it was revealed that Microsoft had acquired app-maker Id8 Group R2 Studios, Inc. The company is headed by Sling Media founder Blake Krikorian, who will be joining Microsoft as part of the deal. The Xbox division of Microsoft will obviously reap the benefits of this purchase and only time will tell exactly what we will see from this new acquisition.